Apr 29, 2014

Oh no!

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Yesterday was a school day and I was so happy to be back. I missed a day because of my holiday and last week we didn't have any lessons because of Easter. My favorite teacher, Rian, offered to help me catching up. Which is very nice of him, fortunately my book group already gave me their notes and all the necessary assignments, so I didn't need it. To make sure he asked me to have a cup of tea again, so I could ask him anything I hadn't understood. I would never say no to any extra time with Rian. He's cute and sweet and smart, the ideal teacher. I feel like a fourteen year old drooling over her high school teacher, only I'm not a teenager anymore and I have to be mature. Which is what I was trying to do. 
Everything went very well, until the end of our time together. When we went outside to say goodbye he lingered and clearly wanted to say something, but then Calvin arrived at that exact same spot and introduced himself as my boyfriend. I felt so embarrassed, like I cheated or something, while we aren't even dating. If there was a moment between me and Rian it was definitely gone and then to make it worse Calvin kissed me on the lips and took my hand to make me go inside again. I didn't really like that idea and told him to stop being so possessive. Then he took the hint and pushed me towards Rian wishing him good luck with me. I didn't know what to do. I apologized to Rian, but I don't think that really helped. He left without saying goodbye. I felt so stupid and I've clearly hurt Calvin's feelings now too. What a mess...

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