Apr 28, 2014

I brought Dawn a lot of Nocibe products and helped her a bit on Saturday

I was glad I could give Dawn something that I bought for her in France. I brought her several products from the Les Delices line from Nocibe. Fortunately I could stock up for myself as well. These products are really great and every time I'm in France I have to buy a whole bunch. I'm currently using the Chocolat shower gel and it smells like chocolate sauce. It's divine! 
I helped my sister cleaning her house and I also packed some orders from her. Seth has some kind of unknown virus. He's done a lot of research in the tropics and the last time he went he caught something there. The doctors don't know what it is and they haven't been able to find a cure or a treatment. They aren't sure if it will go away by itself or if he'll stay chronically ill for the rest of his life. That's awful for him. Working and managing family life is hard for my sister at the moment. I stayed for dinner which I cooked and told her to put her feet up for once. She took a bath and I looked after the children and Seth. It was actually a very nice day. They try to make the best of it and are very close as a family which helps a lot. I've made some extra food that I've put in my sister's freezer, so she doesn't have to cook for a few days next week.
We spent the evening meal joking and Seth was able to join us. It was such a nice normal family get together that for a moment I forgot they are going through such a difficult time. I think they did as well. I played a game with my nieces and nephew and then I read them a story. Then Dawn helped me to get ready for my date. She braided my hair and she did my make up. She's so good at things like that. Of course I could also borrow one of her dresses, she never minds. I think she hardly wears them more than once. Before I left I helped her to get Seth in bed and then I downloaded a few episodes of a British comedy for her. After that it was time for my date and it wasn't easy to leave them all behind.

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