Apr 21, 2014

Hello France and Zeyssolff!

When Ben announced his leave I was devastated. I went to see Louise to cry on her shoulder. Soon after Naomi came over and she clearly had the same idea. We were all sobbing because of men and all of a sudden we felt so angry that we decided to leave all our worries behind us for a while. We instantly booked a holiday and went to France. We stayed at one of the Zeyssolff cottages in the Alsace where we enjoyed their great teas and delicious wines. It was great to leave home for a few days and to be somewhere else. We had so much fun! Finally there was a smile on Naomi's face again and Louise also looked a lot happier. I could forget about Ben and our miserable times at the end of our relationship and Naomi and Louise didn't think about Garry all the time. He's still out there and the police have found out he uses a false name and has committed the same crime in several cities already. Soon Naomi and Louise will meet other victims to talk about what happened to them and I hope it will help them to cope with their feelings a bit better.
We hiked, we went out for delicious dinners and we've done lots of shopping. Across the street from our cottage was a cookie factory. We ate lots and lots of gingerbread cookies and visited their cute museum. I came home being a few pounds heavier, but with a much lighter heart.

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