Apr 23, 2014

Gluten Free Practice meal from Jada

 Finally I had another Tuesday dinner night with my friends. It was my turn to cook, but Jada asked me if we could prepare a meal together. She has a date this weekend and she's invited him to have dinner at her place (very romantic in her parents' mansion), but he doesn't eat gluten. Together we've tried Annabel Langbein's sake & ginger roasted salmon which we served with rice and for desert we had chocolate coconut macaroons using a recipe from Eating made Easy. The meal was absolutely delicious and I think that date is going to be wonderful.
Of course we exchanged our regular updates which means that we talked about Jada's date with Stephen. She met him at Stella's survival school. Jada's taking some courses there and he's one of the instructors. Very romantic, for Jada. I love being in love, but romance in the mud is a bridge too far for me. I'm still having survival day nightmares. I can't wait to meet him though as he's put the smile back on Jada's face. Sandy and Jason are happily living together and their plans to travel are coming along nicely. Just a few more weeks and they will be ready to leave and see the world. Stella's very secretive about her love life, she won't tell us anything, but I have the feeling something's going on.
 I managed to tell them about Ben without crying. They told me that maybe it's better this way, because he more or less created all the difficult times between the happy moments. Stella's told me to start dating again as soon as possible and miraculously she already has a plan for my first date as a new single too, only she hasn't told me any of the details... yet?

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