Apr 25, 2014

Dressing up for Edward and Victoria's

I wore this La Fee Maraboutee dress to Edward's dinner party. His wife Victoria gave me a hug when I came in. It's very nice that I'm so welcome at their home. I came a little early so I could help with the cooking. Not because Victoria can't do it on her own, but because she's such a good cook and Edward told me she would like to show me some of her grandmother's recipes. I learned a lot and Edward promised to copy the family recipe books for me, that's such an honor.
Of course they invited other people to the party as well. They always have plenty of guests. I didn't know any of these people, but I sensed some wannabe matchmaking. Two friendly couples came over with their sons, three men in total. They are all more or less my age and also none of them is in a relationship at the moment. I wasn't very amused because of the interfering in my love life, but that feeling disappeared very soon. All the men were sweethearts and I don't understand why they haven't got girlfriends. Two of them are brothers and they are close friends with the other. I liked the close friend a lot to be quite honest, his name is Lester and he asked me to go out for a drink together this weekend. I said yes. How could I do that? I've kissed a guy I should have stayed away from and now I've also agreed to a date with someone else. I must be out of my mind or maybe it's just because spring is in the air?
Afterwards I helped Edward and Victoria to clean the mess and I stayed over because that was more convenient. The guestroom had its own bathroom and everything was so luxurious. Of course I didn't go to work in my long dress today, I brought an extra set of clothes which I always do just in case something would happen to my dress. I can be sensible when it involves practicalities, men are a different story though...

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