Apr 8, 2014

Ben on Sunday evening and my teacher on Monday

My aunt Giselle had ordered me two Tadashi Shoji dresses. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them! Once in a while she does something extravagant for me and she knows my taste so well. I love my new dresses and I don't want to wear anything else anymore!
I wore the green one when I saw Ben on Sunday evening. When I came back from the wonderful writers' weekend I went to see him for an hour. We made out again and managed to go a little further this time, but we were again saved by the screams of a little boy called Samuel. It's getting a 'tiny bit' frustrating. Ben was so sweet though, he doesn't want to lose me and I could see he tried to show me how much he likes me. When I came home I found a card size drawing of hearts in all kinds of sizes and shapes in my pocket. Isn't that romantic?
Yesterday I wore the blue dress to school where I had to give another presentation. They make us stand in front of an audience so many times that we'll stop being nervous, at least that's the thought behind it. I don't know if it's working as for me it's exactly the other way around. Whenever standing on a platform close to my teachers I'm actually getting more nervous. Especially in the vicinity of one of them, the very nice man with the patient shoulder to cry on... Am I hopeless or what?


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