Apr 24, 2014

An evening in the pub with Angie

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Angie came to my place for dinner yesterday. I cooked for us before we went out together because we were both too broke to go to a restaurant. After dinner we went to a pub where a local band would perform. When Angie's around there's always something going on and that was the case again this time. She scored ten phone numbers and when the band started to sing Angie especially for her she climbed on the stage to join them. Now she's an official member of their band, because she can actually sing. It was so funny. 
The evening didn't end there. I drank a little bit too much, just a little bit and then I met Calvin. We started to talk about my beloved pillow that he still hasn't given back. Of course he also tried to hit on me, which he always does just for fun. Only joking when you aren't very sober anymore can have more serious consequences. Which in this case meant that we kissed. Not just once, but we kept kissing and kissing and only stopped to come up for air. It must have lasted at least an hour and when we finally looked around us we noticed that the bar was almost empty. The only people left were Angie and the band who were laughing at us so hard. Which ruined the magic of the moment completely, so Calvin went home immediately and I waited for Angie to say goodbye to her new band mates. Now I feel a bit stupid for kissing him, but when I think about the kissing itself there are butterflies in my stomach. For Calvin, which is such a bad idea...

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