Apr 22, 2014

A great family Easter party with Jenna and Jim!

My parents love throwing a good party and they had one planned for Easter. A perfect occasion to put on my new Antoine & Lili outfit that I brought from France. I loved shopping there, French clothes can be so elegant. 
It was a good party eventually. The beginning was a little bit awkward, because people kept asking me why I didn't bring Ben, but fortunately Jenna was with me to support me. She's still dating her camera man and they're in a very serious relationship now. I'm happy for her, especially since she has what we've all been dreaming of for so long. It's so strange to call myself single again. I want what she has and when I'm over Ben I hope I will finally meet mister right too.
Somehow my parents know Jim, the author, and we talked for a while. He's given me some great writing tips for my book again. It's so sweet of him to help me. My parents are friends with his parents and as he was visiting his family for Easter he came along. We had a very nice chat and that made the party a lot better all of a sudden. 
It was nice to see my family again. Seth was there too. He looks so pale and not at all like he's feeling better. He even had to go to bed after an hour or so. I've promised my sister to do some cooking and babysitting again whenever she needs me. I gave her a big hug and told her she can always count on me. We had a cup of tea and a family chat when everybody went home which was my favorite moment of the day. I stayed the night too, I always love being in my childhood home, it feels so safe.

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