Mar 10, 2014

Who is who


Mother and father: are both retired and have a big party barn

Dawn: my sister who works as a manager of a chain of department stores and sells cosmetics

Seth: Dawn's husband who doesn't work, because he’s ill

Phoebe, Marcy and Robert: Seth and Dawn's children

Jason: my brother 

Sandy: Jason's girlfriend, who has a travel agency

Aunt Giselle and uncle peter: owners of a luxurious country b&b where they host events 

Grandma and grandpa


Group of friends since kindergarten: 

Lizzy: works in advertising and is dating Luke

Naomi: works for the local government and is dating her boss Jonathan

Jenna: a journalist who is friends with soap star Cameron and dating camera man Dan

Louise: works at a bank and is dating Garry who is an investment banker

Tuesday evening dinner friends:

Jada: Oliver’s ex is an executive secretary

Stella: Sandy's sister is a gym teacher, has been in the army army and now works as a survival instructor.

Sandy: Jason's girlfriend, who has a travel agency

Other friends:

Gina: works at an art library and is married to Trevor
Brenda & Audrey: Gina and Trevor's twins who are in kindergarten

Angie: old friend who works on different projects and is Rowan's co-worker

Zoe: works at the library's coffee corner and studies philosophy

Dates / Men in my life:

Ben: is an artist and gallery holder
Samuel: Ben's son
Anne: Ben’s mother

Roy: wannabe singer songwriter who's traveling the world at the moment with his pianoman Liam

Rowan: my ex who cheated on me, works on different projects

Oliver: researcher at a university who dated me while he had a girlfriend, Jada

Calvin: former inhabitant of my apartment

Colleagues / Work:

Zoe: works at the library's coffee corner and studies philosophy 

Nanette: first boss who has been sent to a small town library

Edward: new boss a posh man who is in his fifties

Lina: works at the mother activity center where I read to the children

Jeremy: eight year old secret Valentine who regularly visits the library 
Betty: Jeremy's mother


Betty: member of my study group

Christie: member of my study group 

Nolan: member of my study group

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