Mar 4, 2014

White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi

""Miranda is at home"--"homesick, home sick ..." " As a child, Miranda Silver developed pica, a rare eating disorder that causes its victims to consume nonedible substances. The death of her mother when Miranda is sixteen exacerbates her condition; nothing, however, satisfies a strange hunger passed down through the women in her family. And then there's the family house in Dover, England, converted to a bed-and-breakfast by Miranda's father. Dover has long been known for its hostility toward outsiders. But the Silver House manifests a more conscious malice toward strangers, dispatching those visitors it despises. Enraged by the constant stream of foreign staff and guests, the house finally unleashes its most destructive power. With distinct originality and grace, and an extraordinary gift for making the fantastic believable, Helen Oyeyemi spins the politics of family and nation into a riveting and unforgettable mystery.

I borrowed the above from the Bookdepository. This book is about a girl named Miranda who has some problems after her mother's death for which she has been admitted. When she returns home to her father and twin Eliot strange things keep happening to her. She applies for college and there she meets her girlfriend Ore. The book is about the transformation of Miranda, a strange house, people who love Miranda, energy, ghosts of the past and about (not) eating.
I think this book was fantastic! It's been written in an unusual style which took some getting used to, but which makes the book extra special. I let go of the idea that I had to understand what was actually happening. The story was eery and Miranda was strange. Sometimes I wanted to shake her and tell her to fight and other times I wanted to protect her from the evil within. I let go of what was supposed to be real and what wasn't and that made me enjoy the story so much. It was twisty and odd and the ending was fitting, but mysterious. Don't choose this book if you want an easy and straightforward read, but do if you're interested in a wonderful challenge.

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