Mar 10, 2014

Walking in the forest with Gina in our Radley, Rainbops, Hatley and Pluie Pluie rain boots!

On Sunday afternoon I went for a walk in the forest with Gina and the twins. The weather was nice and sunny, but there were still puddles from previous heavy raining. That's why Gina and I decided we needed new rain boots to walk on. Fortunately they all arrived on time. Gina picked this Radley pair from John Lewis and I walked on this Rainbops pair of Honeysuckle rainboots bought from DLL Rainwear. The twins wore Hatley kids candy hearts wellington boots from Amazon and Pluie Pluie pink flower rain boots bought on Amazon. Wearing our boots proved to be a great idea because we all got muddy and and the ground was still wet and slippery. Which was great fun. I felt like a kid again and had as much fun as Brenda and Audrey. I think Gina felt like she was my mother instead of my friend for a moment.

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