Mar 12, 2014

Traveling in Nasty Gal and Adidas x Opening Ceremony

I wanted to wear something comfortable while traveling. It's a long way by train with a five year old child. I didn't want to watch my clothes or keep them neat, but I wanted to look nice nonetheless. So I chose these Roll with it Overalls and combined it with a MinkPink Sunshine State Knit which I bought at Nasty Gal. I combined them with Adidas x Opening Ceremony sneakers bought at Shopbop.
The train ride went well, there were no delays and we played games with Samuel and chatted companionably. It felt like Ben and I had done this many times already which was strange, but also very comforting.
The only eventful thing that happened was a quarrel between two other travelers. They were screaming and shouting at each other and Samuel learned a lot of swear words. It isn't possible to throw someone out when you're under the sea, but they were taken away to another part of the train by a railway guard anyway. I wonder if there is a special cell for these kind of situations? Samuel loves his new acquired vocabulary of course, but I could see Ben is less happy with it.
I've never slept in a Disneyland hotel before and was amazed. Ben made reservations for a family room and it's stunning. Of course that means no privacy, but that's something I'm going to work on when we're at home again. For now I'll be enjoying the wonderful room and of course Disneyland!

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