Mar 7, 2014

To a concert in my T.U.K boots

On Thursday evening I went shoe shopping with Angie and Zoe. We all bought a pair of T.U.K boots. I like our shoes a lot, all of them! And we decided to wear them right away because we went to a small rock concert in a bar. The band was ok, but not more than that, but maybe I was biased. Suddenly I missed Roy. He sends me messages from time to time and I'm getting plenty of cards. I wish we could have had more time to develop our friendship before he left. Roy was the reason the evening turned out to be great though as the lead singer of the band knows him and somehow heard about me (how?). He invited us to come backstage and it was very interesting to see. It was great to view the crowd from the other side and to sit down, have a beer and watch a band from up close.
 Zoe and Angie liked the members of the band a lot, but fortunately I am not a free woman, so I had an excuse to leave them and go home before I'd have gotten so drunk I'd do something stupid. I didn't get the chance to go to bed early though, because later in the evening I had to pick up Zoe. She was totally out of it, but in a merry kind of way. I laughed so hard when she kept bumping into people and lampposts. Then she thought she met someone she knew, but she didn't, so by accident she hugged a complete stranger. The evening ended with her vomiting on a businessman's shoes and suit. I got his phone number so she can make up to him when she's feeling bright and sober again. 

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