Mar 3, 2014

The Spook's Secret by Joseph Delaney

The Spook's SecretThe Spook's Secret

As the nights draw in the Spook decides to travel to his winter house. His apprentice, Tom, hates the desolate place. There are feral witches in the cellar; menacing creatures stirring on the nearby moors and a sinister stranger threatening Tom's master. 

What does the mysterious visitor want? 

Is the Spook's past catching up with him? 

And what dangers will Tom face if his master's secrets are revealed? 

I borrowed the above from Joseph Delaney's website. The Spook's winter house is gloomy and damp. It isn't a happy place to stay. Still Tom and the spook have to go there. They aren't the only ones living in the house. And bit by bit the Spook's past reveals itself. 
Tom has to fight against a magician, a bogart and several witches. He has to learn to trust people the hard way over and over again. The villains in this series are getting more and more creepy. You know something is bound to go wrong even though they are supposed to be under control. Tom finds himself in dire situations. I like the style and the characters. What I also love about these books is how spooky and lugubrious they are. It's one vicious creature after another and every one of them is more original than their predecessor. 

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