Mar 7, 2014

The Spook's Battle by Joseph Delaney

The Spook's BattleThe Spook's Battle
This is the fourth instalment of the "Wardstone Chronicles". In Pendle the witches are rising and the three most powerful witch clans are rumoured to be uniting in order to conjure an unimaginable evil. Together they will be capable of raising the dark made flesh - the Devil himself. 

Tom and the Spook need to set off for Pendle to avert the unthinkable. But before they go, the Spook tells Tom to journey home and collect the trunks Mam left behind for him. But what dark family secrets are contained in the trunks? And will they place Tom's family in even greater danger or provide the help Tom and his master will need in Pendle? 

I borrowed the summary from Joseph Delaney's website. This time Tom and the Spook have to go to Pendle, a district filled with witches. For Tom there's very much at stake and of course Alice is there to help him in her own way. The Spook can't always be there for Tom and exactly then he faces a lot of trouble. The evil is getting bigger every time. 
I enjoyed the fourth book in the Spook's Series very much. The witches in Pendle are nasty. There's one in particular who seems to have it in for Tom. This book also reveals a lot about his mother and her past. Again there are many things to be afraid of, not only the witches themselves, but also their creations. Tom finds himself in unpleasant situations over and over again and every time it was a pleasure to see how he would get out of them. 

The children seem to enjoy these books more and more each week. I asked them if a book a week wouldn't be too much for them as there are quite many pages, but they all want to continue reading to find out more about Tom's adventures.

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