Mar 5, 2014

Stella's Delicious Dinner!

Stella wanted to cook for us all this week and she did such a good job. She used a recipe from Barbara Bakes for a farmers' market tomato and zucchini quiche which was delicious. Her desert was almost too pretty to eat. She made Lemon Meringue Pie bars using a recipe from Rook No. 17. As usual it was a great success and my Tuesday Evening Scrapbook is growing bit by bit. We were with four this time and had lots of fun. Stella loves her job. Sandy hopes Jason will ask her to marry him very soon (I have to call my brother and give him some hints as I have no idea if he's sensitive enough to even think about getting engaged). Jada's interview went really well and she got the job! I told them about my first day at school and about the plans to go to Disneyland. This time we didn't drink too much, because we all had to get up early today. It's great that Sandy joined us, I like spending time with my future sister in law. These dinners start to feel like family dinners and they almost are in a way. Next week it should have been my turn, but then I will be on holiday!

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