Mar 9, 2014

Shopping Wildfox, Odd Molly, J.Crew and House of Holland with my mother!

I went shopping with my mother and she really spoiled me! Every once in a while we have a mother daughter day and I love that time together. My mother also had some news, she and my father are thinking of an early retirement so they can spend more time together. I think that's great! They want to go on holiday more and as they both worked very hard for many years they truly deserve it. 
The clothes I got are a Bleached-Out indigo top from J.Crew, Odd Molly Individuality pants, a Wildfox Tangerine Hibiscus Lenon Sweater (also for sale at Revolve Clothing) and a House of Holland Oxford Tee Dress. I'm so happy with these clothes! I can't believe I'm the proud owner of so many wonderful items! My mother and I had a delicious lunch together as well and I was almost sad that the afternoon came to and end.
 Fortunately I saw my parents again just before dinnertime. They asked if I could introduce them to Ben. Even though we had just half an hour together I'm very happy that he's finally met my parents!

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