Mar 8, 2014

Secrets of the Tides by Hannah Richell

Every family has its secrets. Some are small, like telling a white lie or snooping through a private drawer. Others are more serious, like infidelity and betrayal. And some secrets are so terrible they must be hidden away in a deep, dark place, for if they ever came to light, they would surely tear a family apart . . .
The Tides are a family full of secrets. Returning to Clifftops, the rambling family house high up on the Dorset coastline, youngest daughter Dora hopes for a fresh start, for herself and the new life she carries. But can long-held secrets ever really be forgiven? And even if you can forgive, can you ever really learn to love again?
Secrets of the Tides is a family drama with a dark thread of suspense at its heart.

I've borrowed the summary from Hannah Richell's website. In Secrets of the Tides Dora finds out she's pregnant, but before she can enjoy her pregnancy she has to deal with some very present ghosts of the past. To do that she has to reestablish the ties with her family. 
The Tides have a secret and I had to know what it was. I read this book in one go, I couldn't stop. The story is about how much the lives of several people can change because of one moment. What happened was heart rending. Dora's search is gripping and the tension palpable. Nothing's one-sided and the books makes you think about good and bad and all that lies in between. I loved it!

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