Mar 3, 2014

Saturday Night Dancing

I borrowed this Libelula Long Poppy Dress from Dawn. She did my make up as well. I was all dressed up when I met Ben on Saturday night. We were going to a fancy dress party that one of his friends threw for his thirtieth birthday. It was scary as I knew nobody there except for Ben. He introduced me to several of his friends, among them his two best friends, the two Jimmies. They are both called Jimmy  and they have been friends for so long that everybody mentions them at once now. The two Jimmies and Ben are inseparable apparently and they're spending lots of time together. Which was completely new to me. With Samuel around getting to know each other is going a lot slower. Ben and I danced the night away and he stayed by my side the whole time. He introduced me to people, made sure I had enough drinks and food and he danced with me until the morning hours. He was the perfect gentleman. I had a lovely time and I'm glad I came along. Yesterday I was so tired I didn't have the energy to write about this anymore. I came home in the morning and slept the day away.

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