Mar 21, 2014

Reading Gazpacho for Nacho by Tracey Kyle and Carolina Farias in my Mini Cream sweater!

When I went to the community center to read to the children there I changed into something more appropriate for the occasion. I wore this Mini Cream I.T striped knitted jumper that I bought from Selfridges. The children liked the eyes and the colors, it was a big hit. 
I was there to read a book and this time we carefully planned the evening. This time we read the book Gazpacho for Nacho by Tracey Kyle and Carolina Farias. Every child got a copy so they could look at the pictures. We didn't stop there though. As the book is about food we had things for them to taste and we ended with gazpacho made according to Nacho's recipe. There were quite a few Spanish words for them to learn in a playful manner. The story is in rhyme and the drawings are beautiful. The book was perfect for the occasion and we all had a wonderful time. It felt like we were having a party instead of a book reading. I can't believe I actually get paid for doing something that is such a lot of fun.

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