Mar 19, 2014

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

The enchanting story of a boy who wouldn’t grow up and the girl he promised to always remember

One magical night, the Darling children­­––Wendy, John, and Michael––are visited by two mischievous denizens of Neverland, an island of the imagination where pirates prowl the Mermaids’ Lagoon and fairies live so long as children believe in them. Peter Pan and his loyal, lightning-quick companion, Tinker Bell, have come for Peter’s shadow, captured the previous night by Nana, the children’s Newfoundland nanny. The pair leaves not just with the shadow, but with Wendy and her brothers, as well, whisking them away to Neverland to join the Lost Boys in their war against the evil Captain Hook.

I borrowed the summary from Amazon. Peter Pan is one of the most famous literary classics. Peter Pan is a great companion who always delivers a great adventure. When he takes Wendy, John and Michael to Neverland they have the time of their lives. Peter brings in Wendy as a new mother for his boys which Tinker Bell doesn't like at all. Peter is strong and cunning, he always wins, but he has one flaw, he easily forgets. He has a sworn enemy, Captain Hook, will Peter be able to beat him?
Peter Pan is much more than the main character in a book. Even people who have never read the story know who he is. He's a celebrity. J.M. Barrie created such a great main character who is wonderful because of his flaws. Everyone loves Peter Pan and nobody blames him if he's forgotten them after a while. The story is funny and it's light. It's perfect for both children and their parents. It's a classic that isn't hard work to read. I liked it a lot.

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