Mar 1, 2014

My secret Valentine! I know who one of them is!

I'm now the proud owner of this Ooh La La Giant Candy Jar by Sugarsin for sale at Not on the High Street .com. I was amazed as this jar has been given to me by a boy. A boy who sent me a secret Valentine's Day card. Now I know who the sender of the 'I admire you greatly' card is. He's a regular visitor of the library and his name is Jeremy. He's eight years old. His mother's name is Betty and she's actually very nice. I got the candy as a thank you for always reading him stories and making time to pick out new books with him. She invited me to tea which is very kind of her. I said yes, it's the least I can do to thank both Jeremy and Betty for their kindness. It was such fun to receive an anonymous card and the candy is very welcome as I have a sweet tooth. I could see Edward was impressed, so I offered him some candy. He refused though and told me I should savor my sweets and eat them all by myself as I earned them. 

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