Mar 4, 2014

My first day at school!

On my first day at school I wore this YMC Dip Dye Denim Dress. I got this one from my mother to wish me luck with my studies. It's absolutely gorgeous! I was so nervous when I first entered that classroom on Monday afternoon, but I had fun. I think the studying will be difficult at first and I need to add that to my busy schedule somehow. And there are group assignments. I always hated those before, but this time they might actually be all right. I like the people in my group, two girls and a guy. The girls names are Betty and Christie and the guy's called Nolan. We're all about the same age and every one of us is working in a cultural organization. The teachers are kind too, we've met several during the afternoon. It's four hours by four teachers with one 30 minute break in the middle. It was hard to pay attention the whole time, but overall I think it went ok. 
Afterwards I raced to the library to meet Zoe and Gina for drinks. We decided we deserved a night out and went somewhere for dinner. It was a great evening and I was glad I could share it with friends. I always like to meet new people, but it can be pretty tiring too. I wanted to make a good first impression. It was great to unwind with my friends afterwards. 

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