Mar 20, 2014

Meeting with Naomi in Leon and Harper from Yoox and Laneus

I wanted to wear something comfortable to work yesterday, because I did not feel so well yet. I always try to look for comfy clothes that still make me look good. I decided to wear a Leon and Harper sweater bought on Yoox. It looks much nicer than on the picture. And I combined it with a pair of Laneus leggings bought from l'Inde le Palais. I combined it with red boots and felt really great in my new outfit. 
I had to miss two hours of work, because Naomi asked me to meet her. She gave me an address and that was it. I looked up the address on the internet and expected to find a restaurant or a bar, but instead I found a psychiatrist's practice. I had no idea why she asked me to meet her there, but I certainly was curious and also a little bit afraid. We all shunned her because of the affair with Garry, did that send her over the edge? 
My questions were answered pretty quickly. I was asked by an older women with grey curly hair to enter her office where Naomi was already waiting for me. She looked terrible. Her eyes were red and puffy, her hair was lank and she lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw her. Something was definitely the matter. She didn't greet me and didn't say a word. The older women introduced herself as Stacey. She told me a bit about herself and her work which is to help victims of assault to get better again. Then something started to click in my mind already, so I asked if my being here had something to do with Garry. And of course it had. Stacey told me that Naomi wanted me to be here to hear her story, so she wouldn't have to tell anyone again before she would be ready. Garry had forced himself upon her in the middle of the night after the double date they had with Louise and Jonathan. He broke into her apartment and surprised her while she was sleeping. He took a photo with his phone and sent that to Jonathan and Louise, so they would think an affair was taking place. 
Naomi has reported Garry to the police, but he's fled the city and they haven't been able to find him yet. Her whole life is in shreds. Jonathan fired her right away. He didn't even want to hear her side of the story, just like the rest of us. I immediately felt so guilty. Stacey told me that I was the only one who contacted Naomi at all and that that was the reason I was in this office. She needs her friends now more than ever. At this moment she's staying with her parents and will do so until she feels better. Naomi wants me to inform Louise and our other friends, so they know what's going on. It will be a shock for Louise for sure and Stacey told me I have to convince her to come in as well as she's a victim in this situation as well and she will probably feel extremely guilty.
I'm shocked and don't know what to do. I took Naomi's hand and promised her to do everything I could to make things better for her. That's the only thing I can do. I can't make this go away, but I so much wish I could do just that. Poor Naomi, she's such a mess and that all thanks to that bastard Garry. I'm going to check up on her at her parents' place as soon as she wants me there.  

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