Mar 22, 2014

Meeting the famous Selena in my lovely Molly Bracken dress

I wore this Molly Bracken Robe Pull dentelle broche combi tulle dress to work on Friday. I'm in love with this dress, it looks so sweet! I combined it with off white Dr Martens Core Pascal lace up boots that I bought on Amazon. I had to welcome another author, Selena, who writes young adult fantasy books. At first I did the Spook's reading group and then the same teenagers stayed to attend a workshop given by Selena. Some other children signed up for it as well. It was quite an impressive group. I couldn't help but join the workshop. Of course I had to supervise, but I wanted to write a story with her guidance. It was such a lot of fun and I learned many new things. I was honored when some of the children let me read their stories and a few of them were pretty good.
Selena is such a nice person. She talked to her fans for about an hour afterwards which wasn't part of the program. When we were closing for the day I asked if she wanted a drink. Gina and Zoe joined us and we went to a wine bar. I went to a wine bar with a famous author, I feel so lucky! I love this event!

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