Mar 20, 2014

Meeting Ben again! In People Tree and WAS from Nelly...

When I came home after dinner yesterday I was already wearing my bathrobe and wanted to go to bed early, but I decided to send Ben a message before going to sleep. He called me immediately, because I wasn't happy and he wanted to know why. When I burst out in tears he asked me to come over which I did. I had to dress again and chose an Annie Flower Embroidered Cardigan from People Tree combined with a yellow WAS Marilyn Pants bought from Nelly. It was already quite late when I arrived at his place. Ben had a cup of tea ready for me and he let me talk. I told him how much he hurt me by informing me that I couldn't see Samuel anymore and cutting down our time together so drastically without even considering other options. He then told me he was sorry and admitted that he missed me when we couldn't see each other earlier today. We are going to try to think of ways to see be together and will make the best of it. We have to be creative and he's going to talk to his ex wife to see if she wants to spend some extra time with her son. 
Then I told him about Naomi and immediately started to cry again. I felt awful. For her, but also about our behavior towards her. I will call the girls together and tell them what happened and then I'm going to see Naomi and do whatever I can to support her. That was what Ben advised me to do. It's nice to have a boyfriend who acts as a soundboard every now and then. I'm glad we're good again, it's such a big relief.

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