Mar 1, 2014

Dinner with Jenna and Lizzy

Jenna and I both wore a Chichia dress when we were going out for dinner on Friday night. Chicia is also for sale at Not Just a Label. We spent quite a bit of time dressing up before going to a fancy tapas and cocktails restaurant. Jenna and I were supposed to go out together, but at the last moment Lizzy called and she joined us at the restaurant. We had a fun evening eating, chatting and drinking. It's strange that we don't have the whole group together very often anymore, but Jenna and I always keep our Friday evenings off. Jenna and Dan are getting serious and she thinks soon she'll be able to call him her boyfriend. I can't wait to meet him. She's also been summoned by Louise to show up for a double date. I haven't asked Ben yet, but I should do so very soon as the date is rapidly coming closer. Talking about this we came up with a group dinner. I could host it in my parents' barn and we can have a barbecue with a buffet on the side. Jenna and I have some recipe planning to do and Lizzy will take care of the decorations. It should be black tie, so we can all dress up again. We ended our evening at the bar chatting with some guys, but it was obvious our hearts weren't in it. So we decided to go to Lizzy's place to drink some tea and catch up. I don't know if she counted on us coming by, but she had a delicious cake baked just before she left ready for us. We stayed up until three in the morning. And then slept in her guest room. Lizzy made us pancakes for breakfast which was a good beginning of my Saturday.

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