Mar 19, 2014

Tuesday's friends and food asparagus night!

Jada wanted to cook for us again. We started by taking turns, but now the person who wants to cook just offers to do the cooking. Which means Stella will probably assist when Jada and Sandy are using her kitchen and won't cook a complete meal on her own again, because it isn't her thing. As we all love asparagus Jada made two dishes with this wonderful vegetable. She used a spring chicken asparagus soup recipe from Fresh Slowcooking and she made prosciutto and phyllo wrapped asparagus using a recipe from Menu Musings. Both were absolutely delicious. Jada's an executive secretary and they've asked her to prepare a fancy corporate lunch from time to time. The company is small and they pay her for the work, which is a win win situation as it saves them a lot of money otherwise spent on catering and Jada can use some extras as she's saving for a place of her own. 

I told them about Ben and about crying on my teacher's shoulder. Then I showed them the card and last but not least a text from Roy. My love life isn't a very happy one at the moment, but it's never been more interesting. 
Sandy and Jason are living among boxes and they're almost done packing. They don't have to do much about their new home. Everything is pretty new as it's been done only a few years ago. As Jason has two left hands that's for the best. Plus they need all their days off for traveling as they want to do that once more before starting a family. And then Stella told us her news, there are some vacant spots next weekend, so we can have our survival time with her. Possibly a whole weekend. I don't know if I can do that. I want to get out of it, but how?
We ended our dinner with a splendid yoghurt, blueberry and maple-pecan verrine made according to a recipe by Premiere Moisson. Of course we had lots of delicious drinks with our dinner and we all stayed until midnight. I asked Lizzy to look after Louise, so I could go home with a guilt free mind. 

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