Mar 16, 2014

I helped Dawn and got a Philosophy Cake me to Paradise set

Because Seth is still in the hospital I asked Zoe, Sandy and Stella if they could spare a few hours to help Dawn with the fulfillment of her orders. As Louise is staying with me and didn't want to sit in my apartment moping by herself she decided to come along too. Together we wrapped gifts, made packages, put together larger orders in boxes that Dawn can deliver and did some administration. I also sent several e-mails to her clients and then she was all caught up again. I could see the relief on her face and promised her we'd help her again if needed. And I invited her to the Sunday gala party. She has so many wonderful dresses and she should have some fun as well. 
As a reward we could all choose something from her store. I chose this Philosophy Cake me to Paradise set. I love that brand, everything smells delicious and it's wonderful for my skin. Dawn is always so generous. To do a bit more for her I cooked supper which she only had to put in the oven. I hope Seth will be home soon, the family surely deserves a break.

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