Mar 2, 2014

Babysitting on Saturday afternoon

I couldn't help putting this Au Jour Le Jour duck sweatshirt with my Dene skirt by Reiss when babysitting for my sister. The kids loved the sweater and I even had to promise Phoebe to keep it for her when I would have grown out of it, which I promised. She's such a sweet little girl. Marcy and Robert are a lot less easy, they run and race around the house and I need to have eyes in the back of my head to be able to see what they're up to next. They wanted to play with their new Kid's Expresso Adventure Play House which was fine by me. Of course I provided the cookies and watched them from a safe distance. Soon they wanted to do something else that would include me. They always want to play hide and seek when I'm around, but I can't keep an eye on three kids at the same time and I'm pretty sure at least one of them wouldn't have been genuine, so we went to a petting zoo for a few hours instead. The afternoon flew by and we had a lot of fun. My sister provided me with cosmetics and an outfit for the evening which I think was a great deal.

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