Mar 14, 2014

Home sweet home in Vive Maria

When I got home I took a shower right away. I always feel dirty after traveling. Also, I didn't feel one hundred percent all right after Samuel's sadness. I hope he's fine now, it hurts to see him with a sad face. Especially after he was so happy while we were in the park. 
I dressed in my new Vive Maria English Rose Long Pyjama and was ready to go to bed when the phone rang. I answered thinking it might be Ben to wish me good night, but it was Louise. At first I could only hear sobbing and then she blew her nose after which I heard more sobbing. I told her she could take all the time she needed because I would be there for her. That made her cry even harder. I asked her if she wanted to come to my place and a few minutes later she was there. She brought some things for a sleep over as I told her she shouldn't be alone tonight. Then the story came out. Naomi and Garry went behind her back for several weeks and they are now officially a couple. Garry cheated on Louise with one of her best friends. I can't believe Naomi would do such a thing! I feel so bad for Louise as she didn't deserve it at all. Now she's worried about our gala on Sunday, but we'll figure it out. For now she needs all the support she can get, so I offered her to stay with me for a few days.
Apparently someone else had the same idea as my bed wasn't empty. I wanted to go to sleep myself after I tucked in Louise and read her a bedtime story (to make her laugh a little), but my bed wasn't empty! I couldn't help screaming, because it totally freaked me out. 

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