Mar 15, 2014

He stole my Dena Owl Pillow!

I was so happy with my Dena Happi Tree Plush Pillow that I bought on Amazon. I love owl pillows and more or less started collecting them. This one was on my bed and now it's missing. My unwanted visitor took my beloved pillow! He must have put it in his bag before I came home. Then he sent me a note which said the following:

Dear Lavender,

you have to go on a date with me if you want your beloved pillow back.

With love,

Calvin used to live in my apartment, with me. When I started working I didn't earn very much, so I had to share an apartment. I shared my apartment to be exact, with Calvin. When he left to open a beach bar in Thailand I earned enough to live here on my own. He must have had an extra copy of the key otherwise he wouldn't have been able to let himself in. He was always flirting with me (and every other female in the city for that matter) as kind of a joke, but this really went too far. I haven't seen him for years and no he was suddenly in my bed. In my bed! He has never been there before (at least not that I know of) and I don't ever want him there either. I told him to check into a hotel and tossed him out. He hasn't kept in touch and now all of a sudden we should be best friends again, I don't think so. He has other plans though as you can see...

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