Mar 22, 2014

Going to a restaurant opening in René Derhy

I wore this beautiful René Derhy Tinamou robe to the opening of a restaurant yesterday evening. My parents have a friend who has been a chef at someone else's restaurant for most of his life and now at the end of his career he's opened a place of his own. My whole family received an invitation and I could bring a guest. I wanted to take Ben, but he cancelled last weekend, so I asked one of my friends to join me. As Friday night normally is for my friends Jenna accompanied me. We had the luminous idea to wear the same dress. I chose the green and Jenna the blue. We got a lot of attention and there was some press to take photographs, so I'm in the newspaper! Fortunately the review was great and so was the evening. The dinner was absolutely delicious. Everything was fresh, delicate and elegant. I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant which is simple, but romantic with small tables, a dark wooden floor and candles in wine bottles.
I got a chance to update Jenna about the Jonathan situation. He wasn't so easily convinced, but in the end I managed. Now he knows, but she won't be able to go back to work there and the relationship will be over for sure. He wasn't very nice to be honest. Poor Naomi, she's lost so much in just one night. 

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