Mar 13, 2014

Giving Moshi Monsters to Samuel in a wonderful Collectif dress!

I wanted to stick to the Minnie Mouse theme, so I wore this Stella Sweetheart dress from Collectif to Samuel's birthday dinner. He wanted to have hamburgers and fries and we ate at one of the restaurants at the hotel. Then they brought him a cake which was wonderfully decorated and Mickey and Minnie sang him a song. He loved it! I was so proud of Ben who had arranged it all. After dinner it was time for Samuel to open some more presents. Ben gave him an iPad mini with lots of games and books on it in the morning and in the evening it was time for toys. Of course I had something for him as well. I got him two packs of Moshi Monsters, a Moshling Tree House and a Moshi Monsters Micro Theme Park Play Set which I found on Amazon. Ben told me Samuel would love those and he was right. After dinner he wanted to play with his new gifts right away and he didn't want to go to bed, because he wanted to keep playing. That was actually very sweet.
Of course when he gets home more presents will be given to him soon as his mother's organized a birthday party for him on Saturday. I think Ben has to be there to help, so I won't see him this weekend. But then I have this holiday to think about which makes it a lot easier even though it makes me miss him more.

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