Mar 10, 2014

Family Dinner! It was a bitter pill, but I also got Sugarpill...

On Sunday evening we had a family dinner. This time Jason and Sandy did the cooking and we had dinner in their apartment. For the last time as this was a goodbye apartment dinner. They've bought a house and will be moving soon. Why do they need a bigger place so sudden? They didn't make any further announcements, but I have my suspicions. 
Dawn brought this amazing Sugarpill palette for me. It's perfect to bring with me to Disneyland. She knows I love a bit of color. This palette totally suits me. 
My parents shared their retirement news. And we were all happy and merry until Dawn told us Seth health has gotten worse again. He didn't join her and the kids, because he had to spend the evening in bed. Dawn is so strong, I hope she'll be able to pull her family through once more. Seth will be admitted to the hospital next week. They have no idea if they can do anything for him, but the doctors are going to try their best. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. When I'm back from Disneyland I'm going to help them out a bit by doing some cooking and babysitting when Dawn needs to work. 

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