Mar 8, 2014

Evening Tea with friends in Phase Eight

I hardly ever miss a Friday night with my friends and this time we were complete again. One of our evening events is a fancy tea party where we all dress up appropriately. We then eat hot and cold finger food, scones, lots of cakes and pies and of course we drink loads of champagne. I borrowed this Garda Print Dress Phase Eight (also for sale at House Of Fraser) from Dawn especially for the occasion. As usual with clothes from Dawn, I don't want to give it back. My sister has so many gorgeous dresses. I want to live in her closet for a while, going on holiday there when it's raining outside.
Louise is great at organizing evenings like this and everything was perfect. She spent hours decorating the table, there were bows, name tags, pretty china, etcetera. We started like actual ladies, but when the champagne started flowing we soon forgot about that. Later in the evening we all sang and danced on the table when trying out Louise's new karaoke machine. It was a great party!

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