Mar 21, 2014

Eating grilled sandwiches and Strawberry Shortcake while having a serious talk

When I came home from the community center I had a little bit of time left to make this Fresh Berry Shortcake with spiced syrup using a recipe from Delish. Then Jenna, Louise and Lizzy arrived. I asked them to come over around dinner time. I had already eaten some gazpacho, but I wasn't a full meal. I used a recipe by Closetcooking to make some bacon guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches. The food tasted really great even though I had to be quick. Of course the food wasn't why I asked my friends to come over on a Thursday evening. I had to tell them about Naomi. 
I gave us a bit of a reprimand for jumping to conclusions too quickly and then I talked about Garry and what happened to our friend. I wanted to see Naomi today, but her mother asked if I could try again in a few days, because she wasn't ready. She's still in kind of a shock and it will take time for her to feel a bit better again. I paid special attention to Louise and later I gave her the number of the therapist because she was quite a mess. Jenna sent a text to Naomi and Louise wrote her an e-mail. The only one who didn't do anything was Lizzy. She sat frozen in her seat. When I asked her why she confessed that she'd been mean to Naomi when she ran into her the other day. That was a low thing to do and it will take more than a written message to make things right again. We agreed that I'm going to call Jonathan and I'm going to call her parents every day to see how she's doing. It wasn't a happy evening and some serious damage has been done to our group of friends because we were all so stupid to jump to conclusions without hearing Naomi's version of the story, but we'll get through. I only hope Naomi will as well...

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