Mar 15, 2014

Comfort food for an upset group of friends

On Friday it's always friend's night. I always look forward to it and we often have annual events and things like that. Now when everybody arrived the atmosphere was gloom. I don't think we've ever been cross with one another before. Which is a miracle in a group with five women I suppose. So something was bound to happen. It did happen and how. Naomi stole Louise's boyfriend. Naomi is very pretty, but we've never felt threatened by it before. I tried to phone her today, but she didn't answer. I wanted to hear why she did it. She texted me that she isn't ready to speak to me and that I will hear from her whenever she will be. I thought that was kind of a strange reaction, but I'll just let her be. I can't believe she would throw away a lifetime of friendships over a man she's only just met. 
In the meantime we could all use some comfort food, so I searched the internet for good recipes again and found these. I made Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas using an Inspired Taste recipe. They were delicious, everybody loved them! As usual I made something with chocolate for desert. I figured Milky Ways would do the trick and I used Amanda Cupcake's Milky Way Bar Cupcake recipe. They were a great success. I bought some Mexican beer and port wine and all of this together seemed to do the trick. We managed to have a nice evening together, I think because we are all so close. Even though it was awkward it seemed to make Louise a bit happier. I know how much she liked Garry. There's a big suitcase standing in my guest room and I guess she'll be staying for a while. After so many drinks Lizzy and Jenna didn't go home that night either. The sleepover turned out to be very useful for my sister, but more about that tomorrow.


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