Mar 20, 2014

Calvin, dinner and BuzzLush

Calvin seems to like stunts. He must have seen in my computer that I wanted to write about BuzzLush and when I got home yesterday the Swing Birds small black wallet and the Pink Polka Dot Ribbon Denim Purse were waiting for me. He put the wallet in the bag together with a note that only named a place and a time. It was at a nearby restaurant where we used to go when we still hung out together a lot. I hoped he would give me back my pillow and decided I would show up. For old time's sake and to get out of the house. Louise was with Jenna for the night and I would have been alone otherwise.
The evening was actually pretty nice. Calvin only tried to hit on me about ten times, but I could see he wasn't serious. He's back in the city and was hoping I would share the apartment again with him, but it's mine now as I bought it and I don't want to share my home with him. He got the message and will now look for a place of his own. He still wants to hang out though and I told him that would be fine. Naomi was in my mind the whole time and he could see something was the matter. He asked what was wrong, but I couldn't tell him and he didn't push me to do so. He tried to cheer me up which was so sweet of him. The evening was good, but I came home without my pillow. I think I might never see it back, with Calvin you never know. He isn't a bad guy, he's just a little different.


The other BuzzLush items I selected are:

1. Vintage Love Letter iPhone Cover
 2. Hooty Owl Shagwear Tote 
3. Vintage Store Front Large Zippered Wallet

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