Mar 18, 2014

Babbling to my teacher in Shabby Apple and Bettie Page

I wore this Shabby Apple Paradigm Shift dress to school yesterday. I combined it with a Bettie Page Button down short sleeve cardigan. I wanted to look as smart as possible for my presentation. I was the first one which made me extra nervous. I had to make a marketing plan to attract more library customers. I think it went well enough. I didn't get a grade for it yet, I will hear that at the end of the semester. 
I tried to cover up all traces of crying about Ben's decision to take things more slowly and see me only one night every two weeks, but I think I didn't manage very well. After my last course the teacher asked me if we could have a talk. Then he invited me to have a cup of tea together. He asked me why I looked like I could burst into tears any moment and I told him, in detail. I feel like such a loser, who would pour out their heart to a teacher? 


  1. Sometimes one just have to cry :/

    And the clothes look really smart

  2. That's true and I'm glad there was someone there for me when I needed it.


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