Mar 6, 2014

Another evening with Ben and...

I dressed carefully for my Wednesday evening date with Ben. I wore a Slim Cassis smoke blue jeans from Cimarron and 3.1 Phillip Lim Baseball shirt. This time Ben introduced me to his mother. She wanted to meet me before the trip to Disneyland. Ben adores her so he agreed to come right away. I hoped I would somehow be able to get her approval as I noticed how important it was to Ben. We took Samuel with us as well. He was very happy to see his grandmother. Fortunately he told her many nice things about me, so I had a little bit of an advantage. Anne is a very nice lady. She's posh, very posh. I tried to watch my manners as much as possible. The woman has piercing blue eyes that seemed to look straight into my head. I hope she liked what she found there. I told her about my work and studies and we talked about books for a while. Ben seemed pleased and he sent me several sweet texts today, which either means it went great or it was complete a disaster. I still have no idea which of the two to be honest.

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