Mar 27, 2014

An update from Lavender

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I'm back, not in my old form, but I don't want to abandon you. I might not be as regular as before, but I can't stop writing about my life entirely. I will give you an update and tell you what happened to me in the meantime. I spent Saturday night with Naomi. She asked me to stay. She's still a mess, but there are tiny improvements. Her apartment is for sale and so is Louise's. Naomi and Lizzy haven't made things right yet. Naomi told me it's too soon, but didn't say it will never happen. 
On Sunday I took Dawn's children to a book market. I went there together with Gina, the twins, Betty and my secret Valentine Jeremy. It was a lot of fun. A main part of the market was set up especially for children which was brilliantly done. There were reenactments of books, they could have their face painted as their favorite character and there were writers who were reading their own stories to them. I called Ben to tell him he should take Samuel. He did, when he was sure we weren't there anymore. It was fun though and I loved every minute of it. 
In the evening I had my date with Ben. He put a lot of effort into cooking me something delicious and the setting was very romantic. We made out on the couch again, but nothing more. I wonder if anything is ever going to happen, but he wants to take things slowly. I hope I won't fall asleep along the way. I still think he's worth it, because I like him so much.
On Monday it was a school day. At first I didn't want to go. I felt awful due to a cold I caught because of the crawling in the mud. Have I ever mentioned that I hate mud? I was still feeling pretty embarrassed when I saw my teacher again, but he didn't mention the week before. He asked me to have tea with him after class though and I said yes. He's such a nice guy and we couldn't stop laughing. In the evening it was assignment time and book club. We are getting a bit closer every time we see each other and the book talk is something I hope I will never have to miss again.
On Tuesday it was dinner night with the girls. They owed me big time for Saturday and I made Stella promise to never ever again involve me in something work related again. It is not for me at all. I think they all got that message on Saturday already. She made me chicken soup and a hot lemon drink for my cold and promised to cook me a four course dinner on an evening of my choice. That will make up for it a little.
Wednesdays still feel empty because I used to look forward to seeing Ben and Samuel so much. I miss them. I think Edward noticed that. He asked me to join him and his wife for dinner and they had a lovely surprise for me as author Jim was there as well. And several other people. They like to have dinner parties. Edwards wife is such a sweet lady and we got along very well. She doesn't like the cook though, so the party was catered. The food was delicious and she told me she hires those people at least once a week. They enjoy the company of good friends. Edward isn't like any boss I've ever had before, he wants to be involved and I think the same goes for me.
That was basically the story so far. I will keep you posted.

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