Mar 21, 2014

A book event in the library, meeting an author in Monsoon!

We're having a book event in the library and we're sharing it with the art library next door. Authors and artists are coming to the library to give lectures and workshops, they read from their work and sign books. People can buy books from us for a change. It's always such a lot of fun. Zoe has to show people her cooking skills as each day she has to prepare lunch together with a hired caterer for a number of people. Our library is a big one which means they can do things like this on a regular basis. I wanted to look as presentable as possible so I chose to wear this wonderful Monsoon VerityFloral Border Print dress. 
Edward made it my job to welcome the authors and install them. The first time I've been granted a task this important. During the last event my former boss Nanette made me watch things from a distance and I had to stay out of the way the whole time. Now I was very nervous and hoped I wouldn't screw up. The first author arrived yesterday, he introduced himself as Jim. Even though we met a few months ago during another event we weren't properly introduced. Then at the end of the day he stood next to me at the coffee table and winked. That was all the contact we had. Now I had to give him a hand and make sure he would know exactly what to do and where to be. I was star struck. He's really famous and has such charisma. I had to swallow the lump in my throat and then I had a job to do. I have to show my best when those people are here if I want this library to be managed by me one day. 
Everything went really well. We managed to attract a huge crowd and Jim was patient and kind to everyone. He kept smiling, even when they asked him the same questions over and over again and in a few cases of mild rudeness. I stood next to him to keep an eye on things. When everyone was gone I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee. He agreed, but only if I'd join him. Then he gave me a signed copy of his book and we talked about books for about half an hour. I love events!

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