Feb 28, 2014

Running into an old friend in Crime, Edith & Ella and Karen Millen

Yesterday I went to work in the following outfit. A blue, red and white Edith & Ella cardigan, a Karen Millen patchwork boyfriend jean and red sneakers by Crime. I thought I was going to have a quiet day at work until I ran into an old f(r)iend, Rowan. He was visiting the library and had no idea I worked there. It was a good thing he didn't know as I didn't really want to see him. Rowan is an ex boyfriend and even though we split up trying to remain friendly I didn't mind when he moved somewhere else so I'd never see him again. He wanted to catch up and have a drink somewhere. I reluctantly agreed because I didn't think I could get out of it. Rowan's currently working in town and he will stay here for a couple of months. He kept making me compliments which I didn't buy, because the bastard cheated on me. He's still together with that girl and they are going to get married. Thank you for spoiling my day, I didn't want to know that.

Things ended a lot better than they started though as he got a call and had to leave very soon. Fortunately I didn't have to tell him about my life. And then I ran into an actual old friend. We used to work together when we were both students. Her name is Angie and it was so good to see her again! She was alone, so she filled the vacant seat that Rowan left behind. We ordered some food and stayed for many hours. Angie works for the same company as Rowan, so she'll also be here for the time being. Usually when Angie is around something happens and this time wasn't an exception. A guy came in and offered us red roses. He didn't know us at all, but he saw us and felt like it. It was so sweet!

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