Jan 23, 2014

Wednesday evening

Simple, laidback food that bursts with flavour; fresh, inspiring recipes using favourite everyday ingredients - no one does fantastic easy cooking like Bill Granger.
Bill Granger has long been a champion of no-fuss food. Bill is a restaurateur and self-taught cook, but also a working father who cooks for his family every night. Easy is inspired by years of getting delicious, satisfying meals on the table quickly using everyday ingredients from the fridge or store cupboard, all in Bill’s inimitable easygoing style.
In this stunning new cookbook, Bill takes 16 well-loved and accessible main ingredients – from a chicken breast, fillet of fish, cut of lamb or tin of beans to berries, chocolate and a chunk of good cheese – and offers simple yet original dishes.
Easy includes 100 delicious recipes, from satisfying meat and fish, to flavour-packed vegetarian dishes and bakes, bold salads and tasty pasta, and finally mouth-wateringly easy sweet things.
Great food. Big Flavours. No worries. That’s what Bill is all about.

On Wednesday evening I went to Jason and Sandy for dinner. Jason is my brother and Sandy is his girlfriend. I think there will be a wedding soon as they seem to be crazy in love with each other. They've told me their big news. Sandy has moved in with Jason. Our parents don't know yet, but I guess they will tell them at Sunday brunch this weekend. 
Jason loves cooking and he made us a lamb tagine with tomatoes from Bill Granger's Easy cookbook. Here you find some more info about this famous tv chef. Jason bought this book from Amazon. That's also where I borrowed the description from. I had a chance to leaf through it and was quite impressed. The recipes look so tasty and they're easy and quick to make. Bill uses a lot of herbs and you have to like onions, garlic and coriander. Jason for sure did a good job with his recipe. The food tasted divine. I need to get myself my own copy of this book.
I'm so glad Jason has found Sandy. She's very friendly and we get along so well. I think in time we'll become great friends. She's offered to cook for us next time as Jason's home is her home now as well. I can't wait. Of course we also caught up on the Jason gossip. As always there's a lot. Jason has won a pub quiz, he made a dent in his car in the parking garage and he pulled a big stunt at work which involved a lot of smoke and a hundred balloons. He didn't want to explain how he did it. That's Jason, he likes a good prank. We're two years apart and he's always been the big protective brother. Still we can fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but lately that's getting less and less. I bet that's Sandy's good influence. And of course Bill's influence in the kitchen makes a huge difference too. My brother's growing up.

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