Jan 23, 2014

Wednesday Afternoon

Yesterday was the first time I wore this dress to work. I bought it from Asos and it's from the brand Trollied Dolly. I combined it with leggings and a cardigan. On Wednesdays I always read to the children in the library and this dress was perfect for that occasion. They always love it when I look like I could have been a character in one of the books they like so much. This afternoon is my favorite of the whole week. It's fantastic to see those loud, running, pinching and screaming kids become completely silenced because they are so enthralled with a story. 
At the end of the afternoon when my work day was over I went to the library cafe to have a drink with a father and his son. The boy, Samuel is so cheeky. He's a charmer just like his dad. I've seen them together with his dad a few times already. When Ben asked me to have a cup of coffee I said yes automatically. I even had a very good time, but now I feel totally guilty. Was it wrong to see another guy even if I didn't think it was a date at the time? And should I tell Oliver about it? Ben asked me if I'd like to see him again. I gave him my number and he sent me a text today to tell me he had a great time and he asked me when we could see each other again. I actually would like that. What does that say about me? For a long time I didn't have any dates and now I'm having dates with two different men at the same time. I'll keep you posted. I definitely need some advice on this one!

PS this is a funny way for the dolly-devotees to get a discount on the website. I'm quoting "...Are you a 'dolly devotee?'
Well, we'd LOVE to see you in your dolly dress, why don't you show us how you style 'em up and knock 'em dead!!  Please upload your super shots to facebook.com/trollieddolly.  We'll then pick some of our faves to show on our website and if we do,  we'll send you a fantastic  15% off your next purchase discount code, hurrah!"

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