Jan 25, 2014

The Wishing Thread

Aubrey Van Ripper—the last remaining Van Ripper in the Stitchery—runs a shady business, one that she inherited from the early Dutch settlers of Tarrytown, New York. She can influence the future when a client wears a garment that she knits. However, unless the client gives up something equal to what he’ll gain, the magic will fail.
Some say Aubrey is an angel. Others say she is a swindler. Aubrey herself isn’t sure.
Her newly reunited sisters want her to sell the Stitchery. Bitty doesn’t believe in magic: she makes a strong case that the power of the Stitchery is no more than the power of suggestion. Meggie too has her doubts. Aubrey has her own secret reason questioning her role in the Stitchery: his name is Vic Oliveira, and he isn’t put off by her bookish quirks or freakish blue eyes.
When the Stitchery is threatened with demolition, Aubrey’s relationship with her sisters—and her belief in magic—is put to the test. Will the threads hold?

I borrowed the text above from Lisa van Allen's website. The Wishing Thread is not only a book for those of us who like to knit. I know that because I can't knit at all and I still had a very good time reading this book. I loved the family relations, the atmosphere and the magic that was involved. Nothing was predictable which I found a big plus. I liked that every sister needed to discover things about herself to move forward in life. There were a lot of things they had to tell each other before they could pick up the wonderful relationship they used to have. I won't tell you if it all worked out the way they wanted to, you should find that out for yourself.

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