Jan 28, 2014

Sunday evening with Ben

I had a date (?) with Ben on Sunday evening. I was a little nervous as I had no idea what to expect. I brought a box of jelly beans from Jelly Belly. I'm a big fan of those little sweets and once I start eating them it's hard to stop. This box is so cheerful and I thought it would be nice for Ben as well as Samuel. I was right as Ben liked it a lot and kids always love sweets. 
I haven't been at Oliver's house yet, but now I've seen Ben's. He's living in a nice place. It's not huge, but it isn't small either. What I liked especially is the big garden with the tree hut and the swings for Samuel. I could clearly see that Ben loves his son very much. He did his best to tidy up, but Samuel insisted on building me a tower in the middle of the living room. That was so sweet that Ben decided to let it stay there. As it was standing in the way a bit we sat down in the kitchen instead. It's the coziest place of the home, at least from the parts I've seen, and it's all old fashioned with wood, flowers and turquoise. Plus there's a big fairytale mural which Ben painted himself. Apparently he does that for a living. He makes good money selling his art and also by launching new artists in his gallery. Being his own boss means that he can plan every job and working on his art around Samuel's schedule which is the reason he's living with his father. I was positively surprised as he clearly loves his son a lot. 
Ben made us some tea with sandwiches, scones and apple pie. He even made the apple pie himself. He clearly put a lot of effort in planning this evening. I couldn't help comparing it to my date with Oliver. They were both so kind and they are perfect gentlemen. The dates couldn't have been more different though which goes for the men as well.
Ben and I talked about our daily lives and we are on the same page about a lot of things. Very soon I was chatting with him like we were old friends. I had a great time! He asked me if I was seeing someone, I told him no, but I did tell him about going on two dates with someone else. He asked me if he still stood a chance and if it would be all right to take me on a proper date. I said yes. I know it maybe wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it felt right at the moment. When I left he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Wow, that was amazing. 
I was daydreaming about this yesterday and today at work, about both of my dates and being kissed twice actually, when my boss Nanette asked if she could have a talk with me. She told me to be careful and not to date every man who stepped into the library. Word's obviously getting around pretty quickly. I felt a bit ashamed. Even though I've been working here for a couple of years already and have never dated a customer before. With a red face I returned to work. 

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