Jan 29, 2014

Stella in Ostwald Helgason

On Sunday I talked to Sandy's sister Stella for a while and we got along surprisingly well, so I invited her over for dinner. She wore this beautiful Ostwald Helgason shirt. Books are my first love, but library salaries... Stella lives on her own just like me, so it was nice to keep each other company on a week day. And I think I've made a new friend. 
There isn't anyone special in her life at the moment. When I told her about Oliver she was a bit surprised as she knows him a little and she's sure he's got a girlfriend. That doesn't sound promising, but maybe he's left her and Stella hasn't seen him in the meantime. Could that be possible? We're not exclusive, but I don't want to steal someone else's man. I decided not to brood over it too much, because that would have spoiled my evening and I like sleeping at night, so I tried not to think much about it then either. Today it keeps bothering me, so I know I have to do something about it soon, only I haven't decided what. If I find out he has a girlfriend our next date will be off.
I did my very best to cook a decent meal. I chose trie some of the Pioneer Woman's recipes. I wasn't disappointed. Now her cookbooks are on my wish list for sure! You can have a peek at Amazon and I'd really like to see the rest of the book. The food was a huge success. Stella loved it and I made a good first impression as a hostess. Next week she's going to try to impress me. She told me not to expect too much as she isn't a kitchen princess at all. Maybe I can go over early and give her a hand as I like cooking together with someone else. 
Today Gina will have her first interview at the art library. We'll meet for drinks afterwards. I can't wait to hear how it went! 

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