Jan 14, 2014

I have a date!

Sale at Fixdesign! I really like this dress. It's a bit fussy, but that's especially what makes it great and it's too short to be really demure anyway (wink). I can totally see myself wearing this when I'm going on a date. And as it happens I'm actually having a date! On Sunday afternoon to be exact. His name is Oliver and we're going for a romantic walk in the park. At least I hope it will be romantic, you never know with first dates, but I have a pretty good feeling about this. We've met at my work place. I know, it's not exactly proper to go on dates with customers, but I couldn't resist and immediately said yes when he asked me. He frequently visited our library because of a research project, so I've seen a lot of him during the past couple of weeks. On his last day he asked me to go out with him. He said I was the best part of his days here and that I've made his research so much more interesting. He has brown curly hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Fingers crossed that all will go well! Of course I will keep you posted. 

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